It’s just about summer time, and First Choice Travel is exploring some of the best vacation destinations that you can visit. One of the most popular destinations every year is Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Viewed by many as one of the friendliest and most beautiful cities in Europe, Oslo has numerous different attractions and locations for everyone to enjoy. So pack your bags and head to the airport, as First Choice Travel visits Oslo!


  • The Viking Ship Museum

One of the most famous aspects of Norwegian culture, and the first stop as First Choice Travel visits Oslo, is the Viking Ship Museum. The legendary ocean explorers originated in the Scandinavian region of Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Some of their massive ships can be found in the Vikingskipshuset, along with discoveries and treasures from their voyages, as well as household items. Learn about the history of famous Vikings, and their trips throughout Europe, and into North America. Guided tours are offered to learn even more about these historic warriors from local experts.


  • Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

The next stop as First Choice Travel visits Oslo is the Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower, dedicated to over four thousand years of skiing and a century of Norwegian ski competitions. Visit at the right time of year, and you may have the chance to watch some of the majestic ski jumping and slalom that Holmenkollen is known for. Visitors can learn all about the rich skiing history of Scandinavia, view artifacts and memorabilia, see the massive ski jumps, and take great panoramic views of Oslo.


  • Akershus Fortress

First Choice Travel takes a look at the Akershus Fortress, built in 1299 under King Håkon V. This is a wonderful spot to learn about the amazing history of Norway, and discover some of its ancient roots. Visitors will be able to see how it withstood multiple sieges throughout the Middle Ages, and walk in the same rooms as Norwegian royalty. Summer events such as concerts, are held here, so this would be a great time to go. Guided tours are also offered to get a more fulfilling walk of the fortress.


  • Vigeland Sculpture Park

First Choice Travel finally visits the Vigeland Sculpture Park, one of the most famous landmarks in Oslo. With over 200 pieces of art made out of bronze, granite, and iron, the life work of Gustav Vigeland is on display for all to see. Admission is free, and it is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, and also learn about Norwegian culture. Make sure to see the Little Angry Boy, as well as the Monolith and Wheel of Life.

There are many more attractions in Oslo, and the best way to discover all of these is through First Choice Travel. First Choice Travel finds the best deals, rarest excursions, and takes all of the hassle out of booking the vacation of your dreams. So if you’re looking to travel to Oslo, or any other place in the world, First Choice Travel is the greatest way to book. Happy travels!

First Choice Travel Visits Oslo
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First Choice Travel Visits Oslo
It’s just about summer time, and First Choice Travel is exploring some of the best vacation destinations that you can visit.
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