If nature is more your style, First Choice Travel associates think that you should stop at the Norfolk Botanical Garden which boasts of six gardens, one of which is a very fun and fanciful for children called World of Wonders: A Children’s Adventure Garden. Within the three acre garden probably the most fun feature is the water garden where kids can fling themselves through sprinklers, jet sprayers and bubblers, which mimics the ocean and rivers of the earth.

For something unique only to Chula Vista, First Choice Travel suggests that you put on your walking shoes and pay a visit to the ARCO Olympic Training Center. Here tourists can walk around the massive grounds of the camp and see future Olympians perfecting their craft. It is highly recommended that individuals first go to the visiting center and get a map and the information for the app that turns your phone into an audio tour guide. Visitors are often drawn to the BMX track where many gather to watch the stunt show of practicing athletes. Take a break from the heat in their extensive gift shop, and hang out for a chance to meet and greet with some of the visiting athletes.

Living Coast Discovery Center is a great place to take the family, where children and parents can both enjoy its well-appointed aquarium which is home to several breeds of shark and saltwater fishes. The highlight of the aquarium is the stingrays, which are kept in open tanks in which visitors can gently touch as they swim past.

First Choice Travel members recommends you to visit during their feeding time when the keepers give a fun and informative demo while feeding the highly active and hungry animals. Also be sure to visit the mile and a half of walking trails where you can visit the outside residents of the aviary including, the Bald Eagles and Vultures. Visiting during the nesting season in early spring is the real experience not to be missed.