First Choice Travel continues to set trends in the world of destination vacation providers by offering presentation attendees a new appointment reminder service.


Salt Lake City – First Choice Travel is widely regarded throughout the travel industry as a forward-thinking and innovative company that is continually striving to provide its members and presentation attendees with better services. From disclosing all qualifications for taking advantage of a travel incentive package to its new SMS Text Confirmation service, First Choice Travel always makes an effort to provide travelers with the best.


First Choice Travel understands that travelers are busier than ever before. Between juggling careers, children, and trying to get time to relax, they often forget about appointments and other obligations. It is with this in mind that First Choice Travel is providing its sales presentation attendees with an all-new and convenient SMS Text Confirmation service that is sure to make their lives a lot easier.


In the past, First Choice Travel shares that not everyone found its locations in Denver, Roseville and Salt Lake City as easily as this destination vacation provider would have liked. As mentioned before, people are extremely busy trying to balance many different aspects of their lives while remembering all of the appointments that they set. Oftentimes, things tend to fall through the cracks, which is disadvantageous for both the presentation attendee and GTN.


First Choice Travel new SMS Text Confirmation Service alleviates a lot of these issues by texting presentation attendees with two reminders of when their appointments are: once upon completion of the scheduled appointment to confirm the details of the appointment, and a courtesy text approximately three hours before the appointment. The SMS Text Confirmation Service also provides sales presentation attendees with directions on how to visit GTN’s offices in Denver, Salt Lake City or Roseville, California.This service is extremely beneficial, in that it is less intrusive than a phone call, and is not as time consuming as talking to someone on the phone.


First Choice Travel always makes a concentrated effort to make the lives of its members easier and hassle-free. The all-new SMS Text Confirmation Service provides prospective members with the peace of mind, knowing that they will not miss their appointments and that they will be well informed on how to get there. For more information about the many travel services that First Choice Travel provides and to learn more about all of the incredible travel incentives that attendees can enjoy, visit