Summer is just around the corner, and First Choice Travel has the perfect destination for a summer vacation: the island of Barbados! Inhabited since the 13th century, Barbados has become known as the “Little England” of the Carribean, for their history with the English. Gaining independence and becoming a Commonwealth in 1966, Barbados has a booming tourist industry and many attractions for you to enjoy. So pack your bags, as First Choice Travel Club Explores Barbados!

  • Carlisle Bay

Our first spot as First Choice Travel Explores Barbados is Carlisle Bay, sitting just off of Bridgetown in the Carribean Sea. There are numerous activities for you to enjoy on the beach; from lounging and relaxing in the sun to jet skiing and parasailing, this tropical paradise has something for everyone to enjoy. Carlisle Bay also offers multiple tours that you can indulge in, including a tour of local coves, a snorkeling tour, and a tour that gives you a chance to swim with sea turtles. Pick one out, and have a blast!

  • Hunte’s Gardens and Harrison’s Cave

Next up, First Choice Travel visits the beautiful Hunte’s Gardens and mysterious Harrison’s Cave. Located in a rainforest, Hunte’s Gardens lets you experience all parts of an ecosystem, as you see plants and trees growing at the top of the rainforest, and in the darkness on the ground levels. That’s not all, as small animals and the occasional green monkey call these gardens, home. There are a few tours offered here that let you learn all about this amazing structure, some of them are combined with a visit to Harrison’s Cave. This cave is located deep under central Barbados and is over 1.4 miles long. Make sure to bring a hat and comfortable shoes, as water will drip off the overhanging rocks.

  • Nicholas Abbey

First Choice Travel takes a stop at the historic St. Nicholas Abbey. One of Barbados’ oldest estates, the abbey was a former sugar plantation in the 17th century. Learn all about the rich colonial history of Barbados as you tour the Jacobean architecture and see the ancient artifacts that are on display. You will also have a chance to visit the old mill and rum distillery and see the canes of sugar that stretch far into the distance.

  • Barbados Concord Experience

Our final stop, as First Choice Travel explores Barbados, is the Concord Experience, dedicated to the retired airplane that revolutionized air travel. This center offers something of a visual encyclopedia, teaching you everything there is to know about this stunning aircraft, why it was so revolutionary, and what it successors are doing in the modern day. The Barbados Concord Experience also offers flight simulators, as well as a retired legitimate Concord airliner.

These are just five out of many attractions in Barbados, and if you decide you want to try them or any other experience, be sure to book your trip and plan your excursions through First Choice Travel, as they will find you the best rates and greatest deals. Happy travels!

First Choice Travel Explores Barbados
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First Choice Travel Explores Barbados
Summer is just around the corner, and First Choice Travel has the perfect destination for a summer vacation: the island of Barbados! Inhabited since the 13
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